New Zealand, 2008

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Getting Ready, continued

Now it's the weekend of December 15, with less than two weeks until Christmas and less than three weeks before we take off. New Zealand is looming larger in our thoughts every day, and we're making more preparations. Here, Barbara pitches our new tent in the living room so that she can mark and cut out a Tyvek footprint.


One of the troubles with these recumbent bikes is that they must be broken down far more than conventional bikes in order to fit them into the shipping boxes we use.

We need to disassemble the seats and the racks, remove the cranks as well as the pedals, take tubes and tires off the rims, remove the handlebars, unbolt the rear derailleurs, and so on and on, in order to pack them as compactly as possible.On arrival it takes several hours to rebuild and readjust each bike!

We use Crateworks boxes — tough, corrugated plastic shells with cardboard liners, held closed by tough nylon straps. They work well and last a long time.


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