A rough, low stone wall marked off the main garden, below. Barbara had grown buckwheat and then winter rye in 2011 to build up the soil; this spring it was ready for planting. Pear trees that Jeremy gave Barbara in 2011 were doing well -- just beyond the garden. They were soon followed by dozens of fruit and nut trees, here and there around the property.

Wally was coerced into digging long, deep trenches for 40 asparagus plants, and nearly all of them came up. The rest of the garden is a mix of vegetables and flowers, and given the soil there was to work with, it came along very well. Bottom right, Barbara planted Sweet Woodruff and Betsy Daisies from Debbie Reese and ... ... in an area that had been lawn but was too steep to mow safely.

Asparagus appearing

Promising start

First harvest

An area that was too steep for mowing

Small gardens were started at the bottom of the slope. This was the first summer where flowers seemed to be everywhere. Barbara planted Sweet Woodruff and Betsty Daisies from neighbor Debbie Reese, vinca, evening primrose, ajuga, pachysandra, Lupins,etc. in an area that had been lawn but was too steep to mow safely (anything that I thought might spread, or for which I couldn't find a place). I also added a Miss Kim lilac for the frangrance and a Mulberry at the top. The terraced garden on the east side of the house was better established.

The lower gardens (photovoltaic solar panels now on the house)

Double Pink Poppies from Anita Onofrio

Queen Anne's Lace and Rudbeckia

Bee Balm for the humming birds

Yellow Daylillies from the old house


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