In 2009 our new house was under construction. With subsoil exposed, a septic field newly dug, and rocks everywhere, lawns and gardens seemed a distant dream! Nevertheless, Barbara, Patrick, Jeremy, and the guy behind the camera all did some raking with landscape rakes, and Barbara seeded what she hoped would eventually be a lawn.

Bailey on subsoil; just downhill, the septic field

Dirt and rocks





In Spring and summer of 2010 construction was still underway, but the outside was nearly done. Still, the house was surrounded by subsoil and rocks. The retaining wall was built, and in the autumn, Josh and Jeremy got going on more of the stone walls Barbara wanted, notably the walls for a terraced garden at the east end of the house.

Only a rough bank by the driveway

Landscaping and mowing the first signs of a lawn

The east side, where a terraced garden will go

Retaining wall on the west side

By fall 2010 the garden bird Patrick gave us was on the deck, and real birds had discovered the feeder, another gift from Pat.



By summer of 2011, Jeremy and Joshua had built most of the stone walls Barbara wanted -- often working while we were away and couldn't harass them. Some flowers were springing out of compost at the base of the walls, and the terraced garden was just getting started.

Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit, a gift from Barbara's sister Pat


The start of terraced gardens on the east side, with rhododendrons
from the old house

Rhododendrons in the terraced garden


Rhododendrons from the deck

Later in summer of 2011, flowers are blooming along the base of the front stone wall, and the main lawn is well established. Now it's time to start adding gardens and cutting back on the size of the lawn!

The stones on the lawn, with dirt behind them, mark off
what will be a mixed garden of vegetables and flowers


In the Fall of 2011, the man behind the camera dug holes above the front wall so that we could fill them back up again (below left) with soil and compost. Also, the area immediately in front of the house and deck was seeded for a lawn -- the last patch of lawn we aim to have.


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