We originally launched this website to share with family and friends some of our experiences in New Zealand, where we toured by bicycle for four months in 2008. Since then, we've added several links relating to other travels and interests, including links to our home and family, Discovery Bicycle Tours, and to our cycling guides, Bicycling Cuba and Biking the Maritimes.

You can reach us by email at wallyandbarbara@gmail.com

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Favorite Websites

Each of the websites below offers a painless way to do some good in the world.

  • Zienzele Foundation  (Help orphans and caregivers in Zimbabwe to help themselves.)

  • Kiva  (Invest small amounts to support micro-finance in developing countries.)

  • Half the Sky Movement ("Women hold up half the sky." Learn about the defining human rights issue of the century.)

  • Servas  (Build world peace through person-to-person home visits.)


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