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Favorite Casas Particulares

These are casas particulares — private homes renting rooms — in which we stayed on the 2012 trip. They are all comfortable and are all run by wonderful people.

About the contact phone numbers below: We found making calls in Cuba immensely confusing. We generally have tried to provide phone numbers as they were given to us. However the necessary prefixes vary with the place from which you are calling and the destination of your call. The 53 prefix, included in some numbers below but not in others, is the country code for calls originating outside Cuba. 07 or 7 is for Havana. 05 or 5 is for calling mobile phones in Cuba. Each province has its own prefix. There doesn't seem to be a uniform way of spacing or hyphenating phone numbers. We bought a phone card and learned to use it eventually, but we often found it best to ask Cubans for help with the phones!


Casa Ana
calle 17 No.1422 — between 26 and 28 - Apt 1
El Vedado, Havana
Phone: +53 7 833 5128

This is an exceedingly well-run casa particular. The two rooms are immaculate, and there is a pleasant, shaded terrace out front. Ana and Pepe are so helpful and knowledgable that even non-guests find their way here for advice. If their rooms are booked — as they often are — you can count on Ana and Pepe to arrange other good accommodation in the neighborhood. In fact, that’s how we found the next three casas in El Vedado, all within a few blocks of Casa Ana, and all of which we also liked very much.

Sra. Estella Barrios
Calle 23, No. 1357 (bajo) between 18 and 20
El Vedado, Havana
Phone: 53 7 830 6869

Sra. Estella is a gracious, older lady, and her home is a colonial gem. We hugely enjoyed staying here, but she is often booked. We did not have dinner here, but breakfast was excellent.

Villa Paraiso, Anita and Ariel
Calle 24 No. 304, between 19 and 21
El Vedado, Havana
Phones: 07 831 4092 (home); 05 254 2099 and
05 276 1980 (mobiles)

Anita and Ariel are a friendly younger couple (much younger than us anyway), and the room they rent is one of the best. It is spacious, with a private entrance, its own tiny foyer with table and fridge, private bath of course, and a nice patio. Highly recommended.

Casa Rosabel y Petronila
Calle 20 No.272 apto. 6 between 17 & 19
El Vedado, Havana
Phone: 5 37 8312155 (mobile)

Petronila rents two comfortable rooms in a second floor apartment. One of them has a delightful balcony full of plants. We stayed here a couple of times and liked it very much.



Doña Dunia, Raul and Dunia
Km. 8 Carretera a Soroa
Candeleria, Artemisa
Phone: 5-331-28-43 (mobile)

Dunia, Raul and their children are wonderful people, and Dunia is an amazing cook. Raul and Dunia lost their former wooden house to a hurricane, and after years of hard work they have this fine new house, still with wonderful gardens. We love this place.


Las Terrazas

Villa Duque, Marta Duque
Finca San Andrés, Cayajabos, Artemisa
(2 km from east entrance to Las Terrazas)
Phone: Cuba Code (53) + 5-322-1431

Marta's comfortable casa is less than a mile outside the east entrance to Las Terrazas. She rents a single, comfortable upstairs room, with its own outside sitting area and a fridge. Great food!




Casa La Esquinita, Ara and Tony
Calle Rafael Trejo #18
between Mariana Grajales and Joaquin Perez
Phone: (53) 048 79 63 03

Ara and her husband Tony have one of the nicest casas particulares in Viñales, and their son Papo and other relatives also rent very good rooms nearby. You’re in the care of a kind and friendly family.


Santa Clara

Hostal Florida Center, Angel
Calle Maestra Nicolasa #56 between Colon and Maceo Santa Clara
E-mail ar3840@enet./cu, 
Phone: (53) 42 208 161

Angel’s casa particular is a colonial building with marvelous antiques and a courtyard restaurant that may serve the best food in town. Angelo is a genial host, and his place is a bargain.



Hostal Casa Colonial, Miguel and Odalys
Calle Alejandro del Rio #78
between Enrique Malaret and Maximo Gomez
042 39 54 79

Hostal Casa Colonial is just one block off the square in Remedios, and it is in a fine old colonial home on an unpretentious street. The food is fine, and kindness and hospitality of Odalys and Miguel is outstanding.


Trinidad - La Boca

Casa Sol y Mar, Joaquin and Olga
Avenida del Mar #87
Playa la Boca

Just six kilometers from busy Trinidad, Hostal Sol y Mar is one of our favorites, with a broad porch overlooking the water. Joaquin and Olga are kind hosts who serve delicious meals. We feel terrible to have lost their telephone number, but Sol y Mar is listed on Trip Advisor and many other sites on the internet.



Villa la Nueva, Roman and Norma
Calle Zenea No. 330 between Lora and Figueredo
Phone: 23-42-43-95

Norma and Roman’s comfortable home was our midnight discovery (see journal) and we liked it very much. They made us feel at home and were both extremely helpful. Roman spent hours searching for accommodation on our route to Santiago de Cuba.




Hostal "Villa Fakir," Dago and Barbara
Maceo No. 96, between Lopez and Aguilera
Phones: 844767; 53 67 2635 (Barbara's mobile)

What a informal, fun place this is! Dago and Babi are great, and friendly relatives wander through. Babi’s meals are excellent, and staying with her and Dago is a great opportunity to learn about the hobby of training and racing homing pigeons! We did not want to leave, and would love to go back.


Santiago de Cuba

Caridad Leyna Martinez
Calle 14, No. 352
Reparto Vista Alegre
Phone: 64-29-55

Caridad is an elderly lady who shares her fine old home with her children. She has a single spacious guest room downstairs. She is a considerate host, and her house is in Vista Alegre, once a wealthy, upper-crust enclave, and still one of the leafiest, most pleasant neighborhoods in Santiago de Cuba.